Download WinZip For Windows

Download WinZip

Download WinZip For Windows 64/32 bit– As we know in computer habit always any big or much homework or many files in our Windows PC, and The WinZip application is certainly very often heard in our daily lives, this file compressing application has several main functions that are very useful and will always be used by everyone who works with lots of data and with a large number of files every day. some features such as archive files, extract files, compress files, and also decompress will be needed to simplify files in one folder without reducing the quality of the file.


Download WinZip For Windows

App Name WinZip
Category Compression and Backup
OS Requirements Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Update WinZip 24.0 Build 14033 (32-bit)
App Publisher
WinZip Computing
License Free Trial

Download WinZip For Windows PC 10, 64 / 32 2020 Latest Version:

 The main function of the WinZip feature:

  • Compress Feature – The compress function is useful for changing the initial size of a file by changing the initial code of the file to make it more efficient. This smart program can open files with compression that have the Zip, UUe, B64, GZ, LZH, TAR, XXE, and some other extension code.
  • Extract Function – The extract file feature of WinZip functions as a tool for opening or opening file locations so that it can be moved safely to your computer’s hard disk.
  • Archive Feature – The function of the Archive is to store files on the computer into just one file folder.
  • Decompress Feature – Decompress feature has the ability to change the compressed file code to normal code.
  • Secure File – In this WinZip application can also be found various other supporting functional features which include features on right-click function, then back-up, drag, and drop file function, then self-extractor, can send processed files directly to email, virus scan functions, viewer, a feature for file protection that is changed by using a personal password, and also as a multi-disk splitter or switch to divide storage.

With some of the functions of these supporting facilities, it will certainly greatly help the work process of file compression that is done so that all work takes time and energy. WinZip’s advantage is one of the right reasons to recommend it to anyone.

The results of compressing with this application will be safe if you use the password feature in the compressed folder that you have done, it’s easy, just choose security options with a password, then the compressed file that you save will not be used by anyone but yourself.


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