Download VX Search For Windows

Download VX Search

Download VX Search For Windows 64/32 bit – VX Search is an automated rule-based file search solution application that will allow users to be able to search for specific files based on file types, file categories, file names, file sizes, file placement locations, extensions, regular expressions, text and binary patterns, creation, file modification and the last file access date, EXIF ​​tag. with this application, users are given the freedom of access to categorize files and filter search results, copy files, move and delete files, and can save reports and export results to an existing SQL database.

Download VX search For windows

App Name VX Search
Category Developer Tools
OS Requirements Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Update VX Search 12.9.16
App Publisher
VX Search
License Free

Download VX Search For Windows 64/32 bit:

General Reviews:

  • Rule-Based File Search – This application gives users the ability to actively manage files such as, categorizing files and filtering target file search results, and to perform file management operations, as well as producing various types of pie and bar diagrams optimally, capable of storing reports into a number of formats standard files such as HTML, PDF, Excel, CSV, XML, text, and can export file search results to an SQL database.
  • GUI application – IT administrator is accompanied by advanced capabilities and file search including the ability to be able to search files on multiple servers or NAS storage devices simultaneously, scheduled file search operations, automatic report generation, conditional file search that can allow a user to send a notification via E-Mail and running a special command file search process to find optimal user-specified file search results.
  • Searching for Files on Network Servers and on NAS Storage Devices – This application will allow a person to be able to scan the network, find network servers and also find NAS storage devices, and will automatically detect all existing and accessible networks and will also look for files on any available network servers and on NAS storage devices, of course. In addition, users can export a list of detected servers and NAS storage devices (this includes a list of shared networks for each server) into an HTML, PDF, Excel, Text, CSV, and XML report.
  • VX Search Network Search Server – If a user searches for files on one or more servers, NAS storage devices, the user can press the ‘Network’ button in the main toolbar, and VX Search will immediately scan the network and display the results in a list of network servers and NAS storage devices detected.
  • Network Search Command – It will display on-screen all available networks that are hosted on the selected NAS server and storage device, and this will allow one to be able to search for a file and save various types of search results reports and target file search charts. In addition, VX Search also provides many options for advanced file search that can enable one to synchronize and adjust a target file search operation for users and hardware configurations that require it. and any more features.

VX Search v12.9 software is the latest version, where it is has added a new feature in the form of the ability to display consolidated circular diagrams that can show the number of targeted file search results and the amount of disk space for each user to create a series of target file search results reports that are stored in a report database on VX Search Server. In addition, this application also improves the GUI application and fixes a number of existing bugs.


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