Download SecureFX for Windows

Download SecureFX

Download SecureFX For Windows 64/32 bit – SecureFX is a file transfer application that is very flexible, safe, and easy to navigate, supported with a simple interface. SecureFX provides a variety of advanced features to help website designers and network administrators work on their activities such as site synchronization and required automation. This application is integrated with the SecureCRT program that will be able to save time and optimal sharing settings.

Download SecureFX for Windows

App Name SecureFX
Category File Transfer and Networking
OS Requirements Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Update SecureFX 8.7
App Publisher
VanDyke Software
License Free Trial

Download SecureFX For Windows 64/32 bit:

General Reviews and Features:

  • Flexible with Multiple Platforms – SecureFX is available for several types of popular platforms such as Windows OS, Mac OS, and also Linux.
  • Update – You can check for a newer version of SecureFX if it is available, and if an update is available, then you can update it simply by clicking the button to download and install it to the latest version.
  • Multiple Protocol Support – SecureFX supports SSH2, SFTP, FTPS (FTP / TLS), HTTPS (WebDAV), SCP, and FTP in one client, and provides maximum flexibility when connecting to various connected remote servers. in support of RFC 2228 Clear Command Channel, it provides optimal TLS server compatibility.
  • SecureCRT® integration – SecureCRT and SecureFX software can share global options, operating session options, as well as a host key database to enable users to perform operations such as application default settings, connection settings, or receive server host keys. SecureCRT and SecureFX can share passwords and passphrases when one of the applications is being operated. users simply click on the toolbar button to be able to launch another application and connect it to the active session.
  • Firewall Support – This application has support from various firewalls, such as SOCKS4, SOCKS5, CSM, WinGate, WinProxy, Raptor, basic and invalid HTTP proxies, and generic proxies. in addition to the firewall type “proxy command” can allow a local proxy command to run when connected to a remote server.
  • Dependent Session – This can link one session to the SSH2 session on which it rests, which can allow a connection to the host to jump before connecting to another session.
  • Process Session Manager – You will be able to connect quickly to sessions with dockable Session Manager support. and also a customizable Session Manager Panel, the Session Manager filter bar will help you to find a session quickly in the session database.
  • Site organization – This feature allows you to create special sessions and adjust them to the Session Manager in order. name the site with a name that is easily recognizable, and move the site anywhere in the site group, and copy or paste the site definition. You can do several sessions which can be selected and then edited, to make it easy to do things like changing the password for a group of sessions as needed.
  • Personal folder – A feature to be able to store incoming credentials separate from other session data. it is safer to save sessions using the cloud or on a network drive and makes it easier to share sessions with other parties.
  • Import and Export Tools – This tool has an import or export feature that makes it easy for users to back up SecureFX settings or to be able to copy them from one machine to another when needed.
  • Try Again – A work system that will automatically link back to the destination site that has not been connected at the beginning, which may be caused by too many users accessing it.
  • Special Commands – Users can send a special command to a server outside the standard FTP set available.
  • Connection Keep On – This feature keeps a connection in a busy state when not actively used. this is to prevent the severance of the server connection.
  • Paste Commands from the URL – Allows to copy the FTP address from an email or a browser engine and open the site in SecureFX.
  • OpenSSH public and private key formats – You can convert your own private key with the OpenSSH format. and the key can be used with other Secure Shell clients if needed.
  • Host key management – SecureFX has a host key management that has the ability to view, import, and export managed host keys.
  • Remote Editing – Simply right-click on a file on a remote site and open it for optional editing or management, and the file being edited can be uploaded to the remote server each time the edited file is saved on a local machine.
  • Automation with SFXCL – You can use SFXCL to automate the process of safe and routine file transfer operations with existing batch scripts. this tool can be combined with special authentication in the form of a public key, which is possible to be able to automate the secure file transfer process. This SFXCL system supports deleting, renaming, transferring files, and also recording automated files.
  • Change Permissions on the Server – Change permissions to read or write or permitted execution. and specify file permissions for files to be uploaded on the server. and many more.

This file transfer client is very flexible and can operate on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. and now you can Download SecureFX because this software provides all the tools you need to improve job security and the efficiency of file transfer operations and also synchronization on the site. equipped with a user-friendly interface, this tool will be easy to learn and operate. in addition, support for a variety of platforms can enable users to implement an encryption mechanism as well as good authentication from the Secure Shell protocol to the user’s data-in-transit.


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