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Download ScreenHunter

Download ScreenHunter For Windows  – ScreenHunter Free is a handy tool for capturing images or videos on the screen. which gives users better freedom to precisely determine how to take pictures directly from the desktop screen. has a very good catch and makes this application very widely used. ScreenHunter Free version can make a sophisticated screen capture, including the ability to focus on objects and capture only those applications that are active and that are in focus when used. besides this application can be set to determine a specific area, add favorite text, or watermarks, set time catches, and much more, this ScreenHunter Free can be very helpful for users who regularly always capture large amounts of data or image captures from the desktop screen they use.

Download ScreenHunter For Windows

App Name ScreenHunter
Category Imaging and Digital Photo
OS Requirements Windows Vista / Windows Vista 64bit / Windows 7 / Windows 7 64bit / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64bit / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64bit
Update ScreenHunter Free 7.0.363
App Publisher Wisdom Software Inc.
License Free

Download ScreenHunter Free For Windows 32 / 64bit :

General review of ScreenHunter Free Version :

Besides this application can also capture video recordings from your computer or laptop screen to the maximum,
and this application is 100% free for users or individuals to be able to use on their own PC, the ScreenHunter Free application itself is also available for business capacity and of course, it requires a premium fee for each use in the business environment that will use it.

  • You don’t have to capture it fully to take all parts of the screen – The screenshots are often used to illustrate the instructions at a step by step and other instructions, and in this case, the feature functions of the free version of ScreenHunter are needed. besides this feature also allows not yet to exist in other similar applications. here users can pick up on one window or a small portion of the screen without having to manually cut it like from an entire screen photo file, and this feature is very useful for those of us who have two monitors in our work.
  • Light and very easy to use – The simplified setting options make this program always easy to use on any computer.
  • Quick and easy storage – Creating capture files and saving them after taking screenshots can be easily done quickly with this program, which will certainly make the process of our work to work shorter and more precise. on the application of ScreenHunter will prove that this software is very well designed and can really improve performance and users even in the easiest of tasks. Navigation in the application Settings is easy to use so how easy it is to take pictures of all screenshots, in a single window, or even in one particular area of ​​interest.

The free version of ScreenHunter Free will make existing screen capture tasks easier by going through a good level of flexibility, and good organization.


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