Download Microsoft OneNote Free For Windows 32bbit

Download Microsoft OneNote

Download Microsoft OneNote For Windows 10 PC 64/32 2020 latest version – Microsoft OneNote is a useful tool that will give you a more concise and easy way to create, save, or organize, and also find notes and information that you created and saved previously. This is the same as if we record notebooks, notepad or on other sheets of paper, this application will make it easier for you to be able to make short or long notes on your PC or other devices integrated with this Microsoft Office OneNote software, you will get flexibility and ease to do other important things freely and not bothered. besides that, you are free to record all the information that you feel you should record and save for later you can share with others very easily, and not burdened. with this software application all the notes that you have summarized and saved are in one storage area, and if you want to find it, just find what you need very easily.

App Name Microsoft OneNote
Category Office and Business Tools
OS Requirements Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 32bit
Update Microsoft OneNote 2016 Build 12730.20352 (32-bit)
App Publisher
License Free

Download Microsoft OneNote Free For Windows 32bit:

Very Organized in the notebooks that you make, you can organize and organize your notes into several simple and brief sections on the storage page. Equipped with a navigation tool and search system that is easy and neat, it will always be easy for you to find your own notes precisely and quickly. Microsoft OneNote will automatically revise your notes by grouping types, highlighting words or titles, or also through letter annotations. This extra feature applied will be found when you have an idea to write something wherever you are, and you will be more practical when expressing your ideas or thoughts. The minutes, secretaries, translators, or writer’s work will certainly be very helpful with this application. A school teacher can also use Microsoft OneNote to arrange schedules and lesson plans or schedule additional subjects for students without the hassle of writing with great difficulty and using up a lot of ink and paper.

General features of Microsoft OneNote:

  • Full control in your hands
    Whatever you do is entirely a creation of your hands, determine the ideas you want to create, customize according to your pleasure in creativity. because the Microsoft One Note app works on all devices or any platform as long as it’s integrated with your account.
  • Free to Work
    You can express all ideas and inspiration safely and in detail. because Microsoft OneNote gives you the best way to describe ideas and apply them intelligently.
  • Cooperate more easily
    If you are a great writer and a member of the publisher’s editorial team, then you will definitely be happy to use this application. When teamwork is needed quickly, then you won’t worry about that
  • Data security guaranteed
    When you take notes that are important or are valuable writings, you don’t need to worry because your notes are automatically protected automatically in storage. or you can make a backup with another application that can still be linked to this application of course.

We are all reluctant to be bothered with stacks of paper and pens that fill our room or bags, our desk, or our desk drawers. With OneNote, you only need one smart device that is simple and easy to use, such as a tablet, smartphone, PC, or laptop.


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