Download Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows

Download Kaspersky Endpoint Security

Download Kaspersky Endpoint For Windows 64/32 bit – Kaspersky Endpoint Security For Windows is the most tested and most powerful security application in the world, the greatest application that is fully supported by advanced technology systems for future generations that function super tight and secure to protect all Windows system endpoints and also all data about it.
This application performance system is a complex combination of combining multi-layer features, protection features from all future generation threats, supported by additional special proactive technologies such as applications, controlling the website and also on the device, and managing vulnerabilities and patches, as well as Encrypt data into endpoint agents with a multitude of built-in system management toolkits.

Download Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows

App Name Kaspersky Endpoint Security
Category Firewalls and Security
OS Requirements Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Update Kaspersky Endpoint Security
App Publisher
Kaspersky Lab
License Free Trial

Download Kaspersky Endpoint Security For Windows 64/32 bit:

This application from Kaspersky provides comprehensive features and benefits:

  • Protect your most valuable business asset data in total, this includes your data, your reputation, and the continuity of your business processes.
  • Ensures system efficiency – makes it easy for you to implement and manage all from one console with a centralized and integrated policy.
  • This will provide the best possible protection for all customers, as has been proven by the results of independent tests.
  • Strategies in research and product development systems that are driven by hope in the future – this refers to all technologies developed by themselves for continuous integration and innovation.
  • Suitable for all existing infrastructure.

Protection from all ML-based threats that are super effective works even without doing regular updates.
A very comprehensive Kaspersky Endpoint Security solution that has been independently tested in detail is supported and powered by a protection system of the latest generation in layers that will minimize an opportunity or a threat to be able to enter and reach the endpoint and simultaneously will identify and will block powerfully and reliably anything that endangers your system. The Protection System is powered by static machine type learning technology for the pre-execution stage and dynamic machine type learning for the post-execution stage. this tool detects all active behavior and analyzes the process activities on the system in real-time, and if it identifies a process and finds dangerous activities, then the problem will be marked, and also the process will be stopped and the remediation engine will return all changes happen.

General Reviews:

  • Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows has good flexibility, it can be integrated with Kaspersky Sandbox applications and Kaspersky EDR Optimum applications that are useful for advanced detection functions and to support response speed capabilities.
  • Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows is powered and supported by the Kaspersky Security Network or a supported cloud threat intelligence network.
  • Kaspersky Security Network will add a further layer of security to the endpoint, allowing for a fast and also accurate decision about a URL or file security without having to make a complete content analysis. This tool works faster than traditional protection methods.
  • Having a component of protection from web threats, it will scan all HTTPS traffic to stop, identify and systematically block the latest threats, including files or intruder attempts that use encryption to try to penetrate the security system without being detected.
  • Network Threat Protection will quickly identify and block attacks on the network in the business enterprise system that you manage. The new Network Attack Blocker functionality will be able to protect you against attacks that exploit vulnerabilities in an ARP protocol.
  • With the included behavioral detection technology, Kaspersky can protect your system against new and advanced threats, even including ransomware. This process is carried out by detecting and analyzing any suspicious activity on the workstation, in shared folders, and in the file server of course, and by using an actual behavior analysis system to detect all hazards and threats that develop. and if an attack is detected, it will be blocked and rollback automatically to reverse all threats and malicious actions that have occurred, and the attack will be a complete failure.

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