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Download Hotspot Shield

Download Hotspot Shield Free For Windows 64/32 bit– The largest application with downloads of more than 500 million times, Hotspot Shield is a great application for desktop devices that is very popular worldwide, with this service from Hotspot Shield, we will be able to easily access websites and other services that are blocked online by the provider which will secure your internet browsing session, and protect you from hacking and snooping through WiFi networks, especially on public WiFi networks, this software system will also keep you hidden and undetected by hackers or hackers, and you will not be tracked on Website that you open, and will automatically detect and block sites that are dangerous to you.

App Name Hotspot Shield
Category Firewall and Security
OS Requirements Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Update Hotspot Shield 9.8.7
App Publisher
License Free

Download Hotspot Shield Free For Windows 32 / 64bit:

The function of the Virtual Private Network technology makes it easy for you to send encrypted data on a network that was not previously encrypted properly. It also provides security for your activities when browsing personal websites, the systemization of security in the Hot Spot Shield also provides many other very important benefits and is far better when compared to in real terms with a web proxy, this VPN also provides a security system and safeguards privacy while surfing the internet is very maximal. Hotspot Shield is an application that has connected its system to various parts of the world, it has millions of users who need a secure and well-protected internet traffic network.

General features of Hotspot Shield:

  • Disguise your IP address – the Internet world is full of vulnerable or risky things, such as the danger of spam, hackers, or rogue snoops. they will secretly monitor your online activities. they can easily steal your personal data such as credit card number information, photos, important documents, or even your email and password when you are. But if you connect to this Hotspot Shield, you will get a new IP address to hide your real IP address.
  • Unblock blocked websites – Systematically unblocking favorite sites or favorite social media can be done with this great free VPN application. not to be confused, because you can easily pass filters on the network and firewall that have been set by your network administrator. but with this application, you are free to get access to the website you want.
  • Browse anonymously – The main point of being in the internet world is privacy and network protection, so when you want to visit a site with full privacy, the VPN application will do it for you.
  • Protection from malware attacks – Automatically this shield system will alert you when you visit a site that is detected to contain malware and then will directly block the site so you will be safe from malware and phishing.
  • Secure browsing – this VPN provides a high level of service. Every time you connect to the Internet and are surfing there, with the network through the Hotspot Shield VPN application, all your data is completely safe.
  • Wi-Fi network security – It might be fun when you surf the Internet through public Wi-Fi hotspots such as in public buildings, schools, or others, so it is possible if there are hackers or snoops on the network who can monitor your activities, and with features from Private VPN on Hotspot Shield will protect your privacy security from all the bad things that could have happened.

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