Download Google Drive Free For Windows

Download Google Drive

Download Google Drive Free For Windows 64/32 bit – Google Drive is an application that is very useful for everyone, you can store anything in Google storage like your stuff, data, or file that you have you can save in this storage system. just mention your file, whether it is photos, videos, PDF program data, other important documents, or other big plans which of course you have long wanted to do.

Download Google Drive For Windows

App Name Google Drive
Category Compression and Backup
OS Requirements Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Update Google Drive 3.49.9900.0000
App Publisher
License Freeware

Download Google Drive For Windows:

With this application system storage, you do not need to provide an external harddisk to carry anywhere, but enough with a device that is connected to the internet and your Google account, then all the storage activities you can do. You can save photos when you take a photo in a beautiful location maybe, or you want to put a memory of a place that you have visited, or you want to share together with friends or relatives closest to you when you want.

Only with a Google account, you can use the storage which can be said to be large namely 15GB for the free version and can be more if you need more storage space but of course with the paid account version.

Here you can save data according to the time when you store it, like the date, day, month, and year, as well as the location and what time the data will be saved automatically. in addition, when you use other applications from Google such as Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Play, or when taking pictures, you will also be integrated with this storage, and of course, with the settings, you have set before.

So many advantages and benefits of this application make all people in the world use it as a backup of their stored files and data and is very helpful in archiving work that might have to be done with the help of online storage which is more efficient and practical.

This Google Drive is very easy to install and operate, by connecting your Google account you will be connected automatically of course with the notification of the offer provided. in addition, a guaranteed security system is also provided for its users, in other words, this system works double for you and really helps you. Now you no longer need to think about the storage you need practically and accompany you wherever you go. With this smart storage application, you will always be in a state ready to store whatever you want wherever and whenever you want. guaranteed security, fast easy, and very useful.

Data or files that are stored maybe will be safe forever in Google Drive Free storage, even when you no longer use them because the storage server that has world storage capacity, of course, has space that can hold as much data or files stored by its users. data or files that are stored will be safe forever, even when you no longer use them, because the storage server that has world storage capacity, of course, has space that can hold as much data or files stored by its users. the application is recommended for those of you who like to travel and take photos, or those of you who like to be creative and want to store the system data safely, or those of you who don’t have outside storage that is always troublesome because they have to be carried everywhere.


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