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Download GoodSync

Download GoodSync For Windows 64/32 bit – GoodSync is backup file data and an inter-device software that is integrated into one account, using this software please download GoodSync first, then you will be able to easily write, type, edit images, transfer files or update your files simultaneously on all your devices with only one control. and also you can save time from all the hassles to move files from one device to another conventionally, this modern tool is lightweight and works well in the current devices.

Download GoodSync For Windows

App Name GoodSync
Category Compression and Backup
OS Requirements Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Update GoodSync 11.2.0
App Publisher
License Demo

Download GoodSync For Windows 64 / 32 bit:

General Features:

  • Data backup
    This tool system will back up files to portable drives, mobile devices and to FTP, SkyDrive, DAV, or other computers.
  • Real-Time Data Transfer
    Automatic, scheduled, and real-time backup and synchronization without user interaction.
  • Synchronize data files
    This tool will synchronize files between your computer, mobile device, FTP, SFTP, Google Drive, SkyDrive, WebDAV, and others.
  • PC to PC synchronization instantly
    This synchronizes files directly between your computers, which is well introduced by synchronizing through a trusted 3rd party server.
  • Real-Time Synchronization
    Good Sync is very fast and synchronizes files at one time according to your instructions, periodically, on a schedule or in real-time when file changes are made.

You don’t need to worry about changes you make to your file because it will also mathematically happen on your device connected to your account. with download this application and it will workings as a tool in detail are as a connecting media connected to an account, now the account is used to register all the devices you want to use, for example, you have three PC devices and one laptop with different brands and OS, one time you want to change your data or file is on the laptop and this file is also on your three PCs, you specify changes to the laptop and save it. then what happens is the data that you store in other Windows PC will also change the same as the changes you make on your laptop, this application is very simple but good for you.

With GoodSync and use it wherever you are, you don’t need to be confused or anxious when there is something to do without having to spend time to go home or have to transfer conventional data and files that are time-consuming and rather troublesome.
It is like you have your own cloud, all control of your devices in your hands.

With the technology of GoodSync, your activities seem to be smoother and do not need to be busy because they are blocked by the level of flexibility of your activities or work every day. just synchronize everything into your one account at GoodSync so all your transfer, change, save files, and data on all your devices that you connect to will be easily done carefully, and lets synchronizing your file use GoodSync right now.


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