Download GOM Player Free For Windows

Download GOM Player

Download GOM Player Free For Windows 10, 8, 7 – GOM is one of the best free multimedia players that is rich in extraordinary features and capabilities, and the software already supports various types of file formats such as DAT, AVI, MPEG, DivX, XviD, WMV, ASF, and others. besides this software users no longer need to install codecs from outside separately because this software has a high ability to play AVI files that are not normal or damaged. besides that GOM can also play locked multimedia files, HTTP streaming, and settings on the display skin that can be adjusted. other great features you can find directly when you use it.

App Name GOM Player
Category Video Software
OS Requirements Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Update GOM Player
App Publisher
License Free

Download GOM Player Free For Windows 32 / 64bit:

GOM Media Player can play almost all file formats that exist today. with this ability, GOM was chosen as one of the greatest. must know GOM Player has unique features that do not found in others.

GOM Player General Review :

  • Advanced level features
    It is supported by the ability to read various file formats and has unique features such as A-B repeat, image capture on video, audio recording, set the playback speed directly, speed up or slow down the video, and many others.
  • Display customization
    GOM has unique and attractive customizations that are easy to operate and customize such as changing the color of the theme, shape, or structure of the panel, and can also be further customized by adding official items or plugins from the GOM Player website.
  • Non-standard codec finder
    There must be several types of video files that cannot be supported by GOM by default or standard and when you try to play the video file, the service feature of the GOM Player called Codec Finder will find the data codec you need to maximize the files you need to play.

With a variety of features and advantages, GOM is very easy to use as easily as you use your computer mouse. can operate on low spec computers and has no effect on the results displayed. in some other similar applications often found video stopped in the middle of the display because the device used has a low specification. but in GOM Player all that won’t happen unless your file is completely corrupt and can’t be changed. because many of the applications that are downloaded become corrupted and must be updated again according to the Operating System specifications on your computer.

This software can be operated with Windows or other supported systems. in some cases, GOM Player cannot be installed because when downloading they do not pay attention to the bit version of the system used. before downloading make sure that your PC is running with Bit 32 or 64, then please continue downloading according to your computer’s operating system. because when the OS is at 32bit while your downloaded GOM file is at 64bit, what happens is out of sync.




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