Download G-Lock EasyMail For Windows

Download G-Lock EasyMail

Download G-Lock EasyMail For Windows 64/32 bit – G-Lock EasyMail is an application that functions as an email sending tool for marketing. This permission-based tool that helps you create and send personal emails to your customers. The latest version namely EasyMail7 and this application provides a single, user-friendly interface that allows you to work with many of your shipping vendors or email servers. EasyMail is an effective internal email marketing software for the Windows operating system built on the client-server model. This tool has two supporting components namely EasyMail Server and EasyMail Client. You can install EasyMail Server on a local computer, on a Windows network server, or on a cloud-based service such as Windows Azure Virtual Machine, or Amazon EC2.

Download G-Lock EasyMail For Windows

App Name G-Lock EasyMail
Category Messaging and Chat
OS Requirements Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Update G-Lock EasyMail 7.46.3
App Publisher
License Free Trial

Download G-Lock EasyMail For Windows 64/32 bit:

This tool makes it easy for you to send the right email on time according to content and flexible scheduling. and can optimize third-party email delivery such as Amazon SES, Sendgrid, Mandrill, and others. with this All program data, your e-mail list and messages will be stored on your own EasyMail Server, and keep your data protected and safe. this tool uses AES 256-bit encryption which is very strong for EasyMail Server and Client, this means your data is protected safely.

General Reviews:

  • Working Team – Easily manage multiple user accounts (workplaces) on your EasyMail Server. and each user account is completely isolated from the others. You can install the EasyMail Client individually for each user on your team. This tool can manage contacts and shipping in the same account simultaneously from many users. and you can set different access and usage limits for each of your users
  • Optimize Your Email – With this application, you can test your messages that are treated by major Internet providers around the world and find out if the message was sent to your inbox, spam folder or blocked before reaching the message recipient.
  • Online Backup – EasyMail will automatically back up all your data including the data of all users and workplaces. in addition you can adjust backup settings automatically to your liking and can be deactivated and switch backup manually to your needs. all backup data will be saved to EasyMail Server but you can optionally choose to save a copy of the backup file to your own local folder.
  • EasyMail Connection – This application can be linked to various Web applications through a system called Zapier, this tool will integrate EasyMail with hundreds of the best web services available such as Gmail, Google Docs, Shopify, Highrise, PayPal, and many others. This allows you to be able to add a new contact list through various connected application connections.
  • Unlimited Contacts – EasyMail G-Lock allows you to be able to easily manage your contact record data systematically. and with this tool you can create unlimited groups with unlimited contacts, easily add new contact lists to groups, manage and change contact details quickly, export-import contacts, merge groups, clean contact groups, and can create links to bases your own contact data from G-Lock EasyMail and many others. User note: All your data is stored very securely on your own Windows PC.
  • Super Fast Import – Import all your contacts stored in MS Access, MS Excel, CSV text files, in a MySQL database or MS SQL server at super speed, and with the G-Lock application EasyMail allows you to create contact groups directly from files without interrupting import process
  • External CRM Database – EasyMail can directly connect to compatible ODBC databases such as MS Excel, MS Access, and MySQL, and can send messages to the contact list by retrieving their e-mail from the database system.
  • Target Your Email – You can target your email to your contacts according to the criteria or segment you specify or according to the contact group you have chosen as your target email. with this, you can target emails based on a variety of criteria such as interests, interests, wedding dates, birthdays, special days, and so on. Targeted and highly relevant emails increase clickthrough rates almost 3 times or more.
  • Exclusion Lists – With this program, you will be prevented from being able to send messages to your contacts who are on the exceptions set. this will allow sending the wrong target email. this also applies to all groups that are excluded at the same time.
  • Template Compatible – This application has an email template that is responsive and compatible with all available devices.
  • G-Lock EasyMail supports templates for professionally designed HTML e-mail. and all email templates are fully tested and optimized for out-of-the-box conversions. if you want to replace or add a different template, you can download it in the app store.
  • Drag-and-Drop Editor – Download G-Lock EasyMail because it has a built-in drag-and-drop message editor that will support you in doing many things very quickly. this allows you to create professional and engaging emails.
  • Upload Images Easily – With G-Lock EasyMail You can resize images, cut out certain parts that aren’t beautiful, add things, compress, and insert them to your email or your template then upload your best-edited images to the website very easily and quickly . in this way you can reduce the size of your message, as well as speed up sending and can save your bandwidth. and after you insert a resized and compressed image into your template, you can upload the image to your web server without the need to use a third-party FTP client. This allows for cost efficiency for you, and many more features here.
  • Personalize Email – With this you can personalize your email or almost every part of your email with G-Lock EasyMail.
  • Merge Links – The function of this feature is that it allows you to quickly merge all unsubscribed e-mail links and links to your social media profiles into messages. and Let your readers have no choice but to share it.
  • Send Smart Email – You can import your customer list, by adding SMTP, and you can send an email at a lower cost. the EasyMail G-Lock application keeps your list private and fully secure, this application will not expose your customer list. and you can also manage and customize your customers by name, from the available email addresses and choose the appropriate shipping mode, this includes your special SMTP server. You can send bulletins to several groups at the same time, and continue with your automatic e-mail to handle your next e-mail.

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