Download Driver Booster Free For Windows

Download Driver Booster Free

Download Driver Booster Free For Windows 64/32 bit – IObit is a very popular software developer, having users who are very numerous throughout the world, the products produced are also all of the good quality and useful and are competing well in the current software era. by continuously updating all of its products, IObit also develops software that works to improve the productivity of the performance of a software system on a PC that is well maintained and supervised, and one of the software from IObit that functions to handle the problem is Driver Booster Free.

Driver Booster Free is a software that will remind you if there is a driver update on one component of your PC device automatically or can be adjusted manually. This system detects updates to the internal drivers of a device or driver from external devices, all of which will be updated by Driver Booster Free directly when there is an update available.

Download Driver Booster Free For Windows

App Name Driver Booster Free
Category Drivers and Mobile Phones
OS Requirements Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Update Driver Booster Free
App Publisher
IObit Lab
License Demo

Download Driver Booster For Windows 64/32 bit:

Review and General Features:

  • Large Database – Some of us may have or often encounter a video or a watch that has low or poor resolution and is also usually accompanied by the poor sound quality. maybe at that time, we will be interrupted and immediately find out the cause, and usually, we will think the size of the file that is playing is too low or damaged and so on, but we rarely focus on our PC devices that are old, or out of date. this could be due to the condition of the life of the screen adapter that has been far removed from the latest technology, or soundcard that is old and worn or even damaged in the system and must be updated. that’s why you need Driver Booster Free to effectively update all device drivers on your PC. Driver Booster software is equipped with a super-comprehensive treasury of drivers, where there are more than 3,000,000 device drivers and application components for PC performance getting better and maximum every use. Note to you that all drivers that can be downloaded are from an official manufacturer’s website and have received a certificate of testing from Microsoft WHQL and from IObit to ensure rights and authority and maintain security for all parties.
  • Very Large Driver Database – Includes driver updates for external devices whose operation must always be connected to a PC, such as a printer unit, mouse, desktop keyboard, USB Wi-Fi, modem, scanner, webcam, etc., which may stop function because of problems with drivers that are error or out of date, so it will automatically stop the system performance and hinder you. That’s why Driver Booster Free offers you the latest device drivers to help all of you fix problems caused by drivers of device components that are outdated or out of date.
  • Fix Your Windows – If you have seen a PC with a monitor screen that does not display as usual, or only displays one color like a blue screen, that means there is a system failure on your PC, it could be a conflict in the system due to the driver of a system component parts that no longer support the operating system. and Driver Booster Free offers you some of the latest tools that will be very useful in repairing the Windows operating system which in general often experiences the example above, efficiently and effectively, such as repairing blue screen problems caused by failed updates of PC component drivers. and also supports improvements in general.
  • Quick Update – Driver Booster Free has the ability and work capacity that is very fast and effective, easy to use, and very helpful to you. This software can help the system to detect and immediately update an outdated driver efficiently. and with an increased scanning speed of almost 100%, time efficiency will be assured. and you have the option to be able to activate the driver update feature automatically, to get the latest updates from all drivers that have updates available in real-time.

Download Driver Booster now, and get all the benefits of the features and functions that are maximized and very effective to support all component drivers on your PC that have a useful life and updates on an ongoing basis, this application is efficient to support the performance of your computer in the most up-to-date and prime condition.


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