Download Atomic Email Studio for Windows

Download Atomic Email Studio

Download Atomic Email Studio for Windows 64/32 bit – Atomic Email Studio is a 6-in-1 Email Marketing Software, with an effective and fast marketing and promotion performance system, and supported by features that have the main function as a tool to promote a company’s products by marketing via email, then by using an application this you no longer need to look for a number of programs for promotion, you no longer need to look for customer email addresses one by one, or you have to verify their validity, or have to create and send complicated bulletins, and then have to evaluate the results. That sort of thing besides wasting your time will also waste time that you should be able to use to promote and enjoy the results. Download Atomic Email Studio, with the most complete set of marketing available, and that will make your electronic marketing more effective, easier, and faster and more efficient.

Download Atomic Email Studi for Windows

App Name Atomic Email Studio
Category Messaging and Chat
OS Requirements Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Update Atomic Email Studio
App Publisher
Atompark Software
License Free Trial

Download Atomic Email Studio for Windows 64/32 bit:

Atomic Email Studio is a very comprehensive set of marketing tools to fulfill your promotional and marketing needs with your email. Equipped with 6 programs, you will be able to easily manage all marketing campaigns that you have. In addition, you will get full control over the process to be done thoroughly, the total efficiency you will get by using this tool.

General Features and Reviews:

  • Marketing Software 6 program-in-1 – This software is super complete, has 6 effective programs to support your email marketing. with this, you can collect contact lists from various places, manage mailing lists, verify email addresses, send letters, etc. without any hassle and waste of time. This tool is 6 times faster and easier to use.
  • Create Email and Send – You can compose and send e-mails, very simple, but with this software, you will get a variety of shipping solutions that are more than just creating and sending bulletins, such as being able to import mailing lists from various available formats, can attach a large number of files, not just one or only two files, support plain text and HTML modes, message parameter rotation support, message marker support, and many others.
  • Search and Import Contacts – This Atomic Email Studio has three separate programs that are imported just for you. it will look for contacts in your email inbox, in Outlook, in all text files, or on the web page, and in the global WHOIS database.
  • Campaign creation and management – With the effective performance system from Atomic, users can create multiple email campaigns at once. This software can work with each campaign separately. And the process below can be applied to all user projects such as:
    To import email.
    Edit all mailing lists.
    Check and verify all addresses.
    Create and send letters.
    Count campaign results.
    Features for sending newspapers.
    Personalize selected emails.
    Attachments unlimited large number of files.
    Support plain text format and HTML format.
    Support parameter rotation on messages (such as changing the value of the “from” or “subject” field).
    Import features from a number of formats.
    Auto replies feature to incoming messages that can be set.
  • Mailing list management features – This software has 3 stages of verification for the process of cleaning up email lists quickly, such as steps in the Editor’s targeted mailing list of any size, and each contact can contain as much personal data as you want with a personalization stage and a verification process that will delete addresses invalid email. this includes the action of merging, subtracting, splitting and deleting duplicates in an email.
  • Looking for New Contacts – You can add new contacts with the support of this tool that will search for emails with the help of popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and also their local versions.
  • Extract the address from the website – This software can extract information from local files (this involves extracting from archives and files that are protected by user passwords). and Extract emails from Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and other email service providers (Mailbox Plugin). and extract data quickly from the Outlook Address Book. and can find the email address of the website owner (search the WHOIS database) on the internet.
  • Extract email addresses from existing social media application groups such as Facebook and others.
  • Campaign monitoring feature via email – With this tool, you can track campaigns via email, this allows you to activate the Atom Email Tracker. This feature will detect the number of email recipients who have read the campaigns that have been sent (including the number and percentage).
  • Dividing by Targeted Countries – You can divide recipient activities by hours, working days, or other days.
  • Determine, Compare, Accept – With this, you can determine Dynamics, compare the effectiveness of campaigns, and Receive statistics via email or RSS that are effective for you. In addition, you can also use the help of Google Analytics help by entering a special script on your own website. and Google Analytics will be able to measure the effectiveness of your email campaign by tracking the clicks that are directed to your site.

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