Download Adobe Illustrator For Windows

Download Adobe Illustrator

Download Adobe Illustrator For Windows 64/32 bit – Adobe Illustrator is a graphics software for Windows PC, this application allows you to create
something in the form of images, typography, icons of a brand, company logo or other logos, illustrated images for printing, logo designs or website icons, watermark designs in videos, and on cell phones. This application has been used by many famous designers throughout the world and includes print media companies, advertising media, or television stations. by using Adobe Illustrator CC to support work such as creating visual products and graphics with good, maximum, and world quality.

Download Adobe Illustrator For Windows

App Name Adobe Illustrator
Category Imaging and Digital Photo
OS Requirements Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64
Update Adobe Illustrator CC 2020
App Publisher
Adobe Systems Inc
License Free Trial

Download Adobe Illustrator For Windows 64/32 bit:

This Adobe Illustrator application is also used by professionals in the field of films such as film production houses, with this tool the visual effect design editors will work easier and faster, and save time and efficiency in production costs. in other words, this Adobe Illustrator software gives its users functional accuracy, speed, and completeness of very complete and useful working tools.

General Review:

The advanced feature of this tool is that it can create according to your ideas directly and is supported by equipment that is almost all available. And with Adobe Illustrator, you can also directly share the results of your work directly from within the application. with support from Adobe Kuler, from Adobe Typekit, you will be able to develop your creative ideas to the full and all the available equipment in one place. besides, this application also has Creative Cloud features that will also support the functionality and work of this tool

  • Your typography – Insert, change, change, a company name into the logo that you design, create invitations, postcards, or leaflets, or copy a design from a popular website with the best type of tool features out there. You can add the effects you want, and manage them your way, and easily edit all the characters that need to be edited, as well as maximize them with the tools in this application to express your typography perfectly.
  • Easier design work – With this application, all the drawing and design tools you want to create, change the size of shapes and colors of images or simple writing into a logo, or icon, or good graphic work.
  • Improve your image – Create your picture with your own hands then edit, re-color the photos that you import from storage, or from the website to then turn them into a work of photography. You can also use this multi-functional tool as a supporting tool for print works, for promotions, presentations, websites, and social media.
  • Easy to become a Pro – You can work well and smoothly with the support of all the features of this application as well as support for other Creative Cloud applications such as Premiere Pro, Photoshop, InDesign, XD, and others.

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